Thursday, July 29, 2010

Support Group

I went to a support group meeting today in Roanoke. The group is called Whispering Hope and is for women battling ovarian cancer. We met at the Golden Corral where there is a meeting room named in memory of a ovarian cancer patient. It is also reassuring because a lot of the nursing staff from the infusion center and physicians office participate in the group as well. The staff is a great support system and they express great love and care for the patients they serve. I also greatly enjoyed meeting the other ladies who are patients. We may all have different types and stages of our cancer, but we are all fighting a similar battle. It doesn't make what chemo meds your on or what your regimen is, we all have to deal with side effects. It doesn't matter what side effects we get, but I can assure you that it isn't a pleasant experience. It is also encouraging because the group has a great Christian faith basis. Some of the ladies may also be recommending local churches to try. It was a good night and I look forward to getting to know the ladies better and continue to encourage each other as we fight.

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