Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Day

I'm having a great day. My twin sister was here for a visit. She brought me home from the Lake and took me to chemo this past Wednesday. It has been great having her here and spending time with you. We did manicures and pedicures together yesterday. Today we ate breakfast together and then took Tundra, my Siberian husky, for a walk. It feels great to have the energy to go for a walk. It was a nice morning and wasn't too hot or humid. I know Tundra really enjoyed the walk too. I'm glad I have this energy today and for the weekend because I start my last cycle of chemo on Monday. This means that by next Friday I'll be down for the count again. I'm not looking forward to next week, but I know it is the beginning of the end. I can't wait to get all this over with and get back to a normal routine of living. I'm looking forward to getting back to work also. I had my pre-employment physical, drug test, and got my photo ID badge made this past week. So, if everything goes as planned I should be on schedule for starting orientation on August 16th. Yeah!!

My blood counts were on the low side on Weds. So, I was instructed to try to stay away from public places, i.e. restaurants, grocery stores, snotty kids. This is all because I am at a greater risk of getting sick. So, I'm putting off going to the grocery store till tomorrow. I hope my counts come up. They warned that if they didn't come up by Monday, they may need to delay my next cycle of chemo. I don't want a delay because this will then delay me getting back to work. I want everything to stay smooth. So, prayer request would be to pray my counts come up and I can receive chemo as scheduled on Monday.

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