Monday, August 2, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Today was day 1 of cycle 3. Which means that it was the first day of my last cycle. Yeah!! My counts were low last week, so they had to check my blood work before being able to proceed with today's chemo. My counts came up nicely and we were able to proceed as scheduled. Yeah!! The infusion went well in the sense that my body handled it well. I did have a minor accident where my IV became disconnected while one of my chemo meds was infusing. I felt a little wet on my arm and noticed that the tubing was on the floor leaking. Wow! Then my nurses took speedy action with the chemo cleanup kits. They got out the heavy duty gloves, masks, gowns, bleach, yellow chemo trash backs, and yellow trash bins that look the same as the sharps containers only yellow. They cleaned everything up quickly, moved me to a new chair, and did it all with a smile and under approved safety measures. I was impressed. It made me even happier knowing that I brought them brownies as a treat today. I felt bad for the spill.
After chemo, I came home and napped for about a 2 hours. Then I ate a good dinner. I made Jon some homemade salsa since he couldn't come to the Lake. So, mom made fajhita chicken. It was yummy. Then a short walk with Tundra and Jon after dinner.
I also got my work schedule for August, September, and October. Looks good. I have a long weekend off the weekend after Labor Day so Jon and I can plan a short vacation. We're thinking maybe Vegas. Any ideas are welcome. We are looking for something on the cheaper side.
I hope the rest of the week continues to go well.


  1. Bethany I just wanted to wish you well on your last round of chemo. Hang in there sweetie and keep kicking the big C's butt! I know how tough this is and believe me there is life after chemo...LOL. You are so brave and such an inspiration to so many. Please know you and your family are in our daily prayers...luv ya..Cindy Maynard

  2. Thanks Cindy for all the prayers. I appreciate your support as a survivor. We ladies sure are tough chicks.
    Love, Bethany