Monday, August 16, 2010

New Job

I'm feeling better! Just in time to start Orientation for my new job. I went to orientation today at Carilion. Surprisingly it was the best orientation I've been to to date. The staff was very nice and they did a lot to make the day interactive. Therefore, it wasn't boring and didn't feel drawn out and long. I was impressed.

Tomorrow I will spend the whole day training on EPIC, which is Carilion's electronic medical record program. I've heard from staff that EPIC can be frustrating to use. But, in the end, it is a benefit to the patients in the area. I hope the day goes well.

Then, I have my official first at the hospital on Saturday. Hopefully whomever I'm with will do a good job orienting me to the hospital. It is a HUGE hospital and I'm scared of getting lost. I need a map. Plus, I hope they orient me well to how they do things here. It'll be a long first 12hr shift.

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